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Types of stones that can be used for crystal healing

Every person is born with some special qualities and they have their own strengths according to their birth sign, date and day. There is a special stone for everyone with the healing power. For crystal healing, different stones have been used for ages. Here are some of the stones with the best healing powers.

Mountain Jade

Mountain jade is vibrant in colour and it is famous for the beautiful, strong and fascinating appearance, it has known that the stones were made from the fossils of animals that were kept under the rocks for several years. The beads that are prepared from the stone also have the same strong and eye-catching appearance. It has been used by artists for many years to decorate their sculptures. They are marble dyed and available in vivid gleaming shades.

Green Jade

It is the most valuable and expensive type of jade that is available in the unique shade of green. It is available in both nephrite and jadeite forms but nephrite is stronger.

New Jade

This stone is serpentine in nature and it is available in a very pale shade.


In traditional Chinese culture, it was believed that jade was the gemstone of energy and it can help them to increase their life.

  1. In the ancient times, it was used as the royal gemstone and was thought to enhance the creativity of a person.
  2. In the present age, it is known as the symbol of goodness. It is very precious and gorgeous.
  3. Make sure that you keep all types of jade gemstones away from acids and intense heat.

In the 19th century, a mineralogist found the Howlite in Nova Scotia and that is why the gemstone has been named after him. The original shade of the stone is white and you might find it with black or dark gray streaks or webs. In most states, the stone is dyed to meet the appearance of lapis lazuli or turquoise.


Howlite is the stone for progress, knowledge, and memory. It is often said that stress, pain, and anger can be cured with the stone. You have to keep the stone away from sunlight, cleaning products and acids to increase its longevity.

Lapis Lazuli

It is one of the most famous types of gemstones you will find and it is known for the material blue lazurite with which it is composed. There are also some traces of mica and pyrite in the stone. The stone can be naturally found in different shades of blue and it is known as the stone of friendship and truth. It was the first stone that was used to decorate the jewelry. It is commonly found in Chile, Canada, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Denim Lapis

It is the stone that is commonly found in Chile and Afghanistan. It gives the similar appearance to denim. The shade of the stone makes it perfect for the common use because it is available at an affordable rate.


It is known as the stone of courage and strength. Most of the people wear the stone with the belief that it will keep negativity and evil away from them.

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