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UX Design & Adobe Master Course


UX Design & Adobe Master Course



UX Design & Adobe Master Course

This great value Adobe CC training bundle contains all you need to become a proficient user of Adobe CC. Including 18 separate training courses totalling over 54 hours of expert video instruction, this package is suitable for both Adobe CC beginners and those who already have some experience of the software.

Introduction to the UX Design & Adobe Master Course

Whether you’re looking to become a web or app designer, want to upgrade your skills to ensure you stay ahead professionally, or wish to subscribe to Adobe CC for your own business or personal projects, this training package is a convenient all-in-one investment.

What Is Adobe CC?

Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) is a collection of Adobe desktop and mobile applications giving users access to the tools needed to create illustrations, design and create websites and apps, edit videos, design graphics and more. The applications featured in Adobe CC include After Effects, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Muse, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, Audition, InDesign and Adobe XD.

Why Do I Need Adobe CC Training?

This flexible online course package has a focus on the elements required to design and create a functional website or app – including graphic design, illustration, video editing, coding for designers and UX (user experience). However, Adobe CC skills are vital in many professional positions within industries such as design, publishing, advertising and marketing.

Small business owners and start-ups will also find the tools in the Adobe CC creative suite useful, as will hobbyists working on art and design or digital projects. Learning how to use these tools effectively is vital for getting the most out of an Adobe CC software subscription, whether you’re using it for work, for your own business or start-up, or for personal projects at home.

What you will learn in the UX Design & Adobe Master

This bundle includes 18 courses and over 54 hours of video training to guide you to proficiency across the applications and systems in the Adobe CC family.

  • Learn how to become a UX designer.
  • Look at coding for designers.
  • Work alongside the instructors to complete your own design project.
  • Discover how to use After Effects CC, including how to become a motion graphics designer using this application.
  • Learn how to create a responsive website with Muse CC.
  • Use Adobe Illustrator CC for user interface (UI) and web design.
  • Become skilled at Photoshop and Illustrator CC.
  • Master Adobe Bridge, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro CC.
  • Look at the basics of Audition CC.
  • Understand character design, from concept to creation.
  • Learn the essentials of InDesign CC.
  • Study app design with Adobe XD.

Benefits of the UX Design & Adobe Master Course

  • Become a competent user of Adobe CC applications and systems.
  • Great value and conveniently grouped package of key Adobe CC training courses.
  • Learn online, at your own pace, when is most convenient for you.
  • Step by step instruction to complete your own design project.
  • Suitable for all levels of proficiency, from complete beginner to those who wish to advance their existing Adobe CC skills further.
  • Learn how to use popular Adobe CC applications including After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Muse, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, Audition, InDesign and Adobe XD effectively.
  • Prepare yourself for a career in website or app design.
  • Adobe CC skills are also useful in a wide variety of related professions.
  • An ideal training package for businesses to invest in to upgrade staff skills in Adobe CC.
  • Essential training for small business owners and start-ups who want to use Adobe CC apps within their business.
  • Also useful for hobbyists using Adobe CC for personal projects.
  • Please note that the Adobe CC software subscription is not included.

Course Modules/Units

How to Become a UX Designer
Coding for Designers
Become a Motion Graphics Designer Using After Effects
Create a Background Video Website Using
Premiere Pro & Dreamweaver
Muse CC: Create a Responsive Website
UI & Web Design with Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
Photoshop CC Masterclass Part 1
Photoshop CC Masterclass Part 2
Illustrator CC Masterclass Part 1
Illustrator CC Masterclass Part 2
Dreamweaver CC
Premiere Pro CC
Mastering Adobe Bridge CC
Audition CC: Basics
After Effects CC: Getting Started
Character Design: From Concept to Creation
InDesign CC: Essentials
Adobe XD: App Design


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