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CACHE Endorsed - Managing Behaviour


CACHE Endorsed – Managing Behaviour



CACHE Endorsed – Managing Behaviour

Consistency is key with regards to managing behaviour, especially when it’s children’s behaviour that we’re trying to manage. Establishing rules and respect is a must, both at home and also within any childcare or educational setting. Managing behaviour and discipline, and promoting positivity, are essential skills for any childcare practitioner, and this course can help you to develop confidence in this area.

Introduction to the CACHE Endorsed – Managing Behaviour

Improve a Child’s Behaviour with Positivity

A child’s behaviour can be affected by all manner of things, from something as simple as illness, tiredness or a poor diet, to other more serious causes, such as neglect, poor attachment and abuse. Whatever the reason for a child’s poor behaviour, managing it in a positive way is the key to improving the situation, and as a childcare practitioner, it’s your duty to ensure that children have the opportunity to develop their emotional, behavioural and social skills to improve their behaviour.

By signing up to this course that is aimed at Academic Level, students will be able to build a solid base of knowledge on which to continue their career development. Work through the study material, and complement the course by enrolling on other courses that are aimed at Academic Level, such as Inclusion and Observing Children, to give yourself a well-rounded look at the important aspects of childcare and education, and how to promote positivity in your learning environment.

What you will learn in the CACHE Endorsed – Managing Behaviour

Everyone who works within a childcare environment would benefit from enrolling on this course that is aimed at Academic Level in managing behaviour. It would be particularly advantageous to individuals in roles within child-minding, nannying, nursery and school settings, as well as those who have a hands-on job role and deal with problem behaviour every day.

  • Learn about the positive behaviour policy and why every childcare environment should have it, including the importance of encouraging positive behaviour rather than simply focussing on the negatives.
  • Acknowledge the importance of parents, and their role in helping children to behave well and display emotional stability.
  • Identify ways in which you can help children to interact appropriately with others.
  • Help a child to develop their understanding of meeting others’ needs as well as their own.
  • Explore the Positive Relationships theme of the EYFS statutory framework and understand the theme’s main principles.
  • Understand the various definitions of good behaviour and appreciate how broad this definition can be, depending on factors like the age of the child, their cultural situation and tolerance levels of staff.
  • Identify some of the strategies that can be implemented to encourage an improvement in behaviour, and explore the benefits of working with the appropriate outside agencies to help with these strategies.

Benefits of the CACHE Endorsed – Managing Behaviour

  • Selection of in-depth tutorials available to help you to absorb the course materials. Both written documentation and videos are on hand to use, depending on your learning style.
  • No need for a work placement for completion of the course. Study in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Resources are available online, around the clock, any day of the week. Study when it is convenient to do so; plan your study time around your other commitments for a stress-free learning journey.
  • Additional activities and extra reading also available to help students expand their knowledge and reflect on their learning.
  • Multiple choice assessment available at the end of the syllabus to boost confidence and assure you of your new-found knowledge.
  • Add to your skillset as a current childcare or educational practitioner, or boost your CV to help with obtaining your first position.
  • Contribute towards a child’s positive behaviour and the long term effects that it will have on their future relationships. A rewarding prospect.

Manage your learning journey and develop the skills required to manage a child’s behaviour by working through courses such as this one. Sign up today and get started!

CACHE Endorsed Certificate(s) Included.

This Cache endorsed course is delivered by Laser learning our official partner.


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