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CIW Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS3 Training (1D0-620)

This programme of study teaches deep knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript knowledge – the technologies known as the HTML5 Family or the Web Development Trifecta. Those who successfully complete the course find themselves in an elite and highly sought-after group; they will be able to create web pages that easily adapt to display on smartphones, tablets, gaming devices and smart TVs, as well to traditional desktop and laptop computers.

Introduction to the CIW Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS3 Training (1D0-620)

As this course teaches intermediate and advanced HTML5 and CSS3 coding skills, a certain amount of knowledge, such as basic HTML coding, is expected before starting. It is a natural step from Site Development Associate and is ideally suited to students looking to add to their skills and qualifications in preparation for higher education or entering the job market. It will also appeal to professionals who want to take their career to the next level with a mastery of creating web pages for all kinds of devices. They may already be working in:

  • Web Design
  • Internet Consultancy
  • Information Technology
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • A wide range of other business

The course prepares candidates to take the CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist exam, which, if passed, earns certification in this advanced discipline.

What you will learn in the CIW Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS3 Training (1D0-620)

  • To reach the stage of taking the exam and gaining certification, learners will be taught a fascinating range of advanced skills:
    • Demonstrate advanced uses of the canvas element
    • Implement JavaScript to create interactive pages
    • Validate HTML5 code
    • Identify ways to determine browser compatibility for a page or device
    • Implement HTML5 forms
    • Use CSS3 to shape content on the page
    • Design for mobile devices
    • Implement HTML5 APIs
    • Identify program flow issues in relation to JavaScript-based applications
    • Design pages for a cloud-based storefront.
  • This course, as with all CIW courses, offers the opportunity to examine case studies about real-world skills applications and job-related topics.
  • Guided, step-by-step labs provide opportunities to practice new skills. Learners can challenge themselves and review their skills in the Lesson Summary and Lesson Review sections of the programme.
  • Additional skill reinforcement is provided in Activities, Optional Labs, Lesson Quizzes and a Course Assessment that are available from CIW Online. This coursebook includes additional online material, which contains the lab files used in modules.

Benefits of the CIW Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS3 Training (1D0-620)

  • This course is an opportunity for those with a basic knowledge of HTML5 coding or CSS3 to become advanced creators of web pages.
  • With the Internet increasingly accessed via mobile devices, this course prepares learners for evolving technologies.
  • For students at high school or college, this will boost their application for higher study and give them an extra employable skill when entering the job market.
  • They will learn the skills to design web pages that easily adapt to display on smartphones, tablets and gaming devices – in addition to ‘traditional’ desktop or laptop computers.
  • CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist is an effective way of starting a successful career in advanced web page creation, handling job responsibilities such as:
    • Implementing HTML5 coding solutions using HTML5 elements, attributes and values
    • Applying CSS3 functionality to Web documents using various properties, selectors and techniques
    • Integrating basic JavaScript coding into web pages to create HTML5 APIs
    • Implementing HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to apply to both traditional and mobile delivery platforms, including mobile apps
    • Transforming traditional web pages into mobile web pages.

Course Modules/Units

HTML5 Essentials
Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Technology
Introduction to CSS Version 3 (CSS3)
Using Advanced CSS3 Techniques
Introduction to Java Script
JavaScript Events, Functions and Methods
Using HTML5 APIs
Developing HTML5 Forms
Completing, Submitting and Validating User
Input Forms
Designing for Mobile Devices


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