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Assertiveness Skills Course

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Assertiveness Skills Course

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You Save 201.9

You Save 201.9

We are offering you an online Assertiveness Skills Course for only £100. Improve your skills, add value to your CV and learn something new, order below to get started.


Most people can think back to scenarios in life where they had been more assertive, whether it involved handling a tight spot at work or with a friend or relative in your home. This fantastic course has actually been skillfully designed to assist people to take control by being more assertive, developing increased confidence and better results in all the everyday situations they come across.

Understanding Assertiveness

Assertiveness is referred to as confident, positive behaviour that should not be associated with the negative traits of aggression or passive aggression that do nothing but perpetuate stress and negative feelings. This course will teach you valuable methods to establish assertiveness through mindset, body language and interaction abilities. This makes it ideal for people who need to work on their assertiveness abilities in addition to businesses who require a no-hassle training service for personnel. Gaining better assertiveness skills does not just improve your life and profession potential customers, it has a positive effect on individuals around you too.

Most learning now takes place online, which means you can get to grips with this important life skill at a time and a place that works best for you. You can study at your own race and have 12 months access to the course meaning you can revisit any modules if needed.

Crucial study area

Work through the detailed course modules to unlock the door to assertiveness.

  • Start with a meaning of what assertiveness is.
  • Discover to make the essential difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness or passive aggression.
  • Discover how developing strong assertiveness abilities can assist you in your profession and why it’s such an important possession in any office.
  • Explore pointers on how to utilize your new discovered assertiveness abilities in a positive way, including how to accomplish productive relationships with others.
  • Discover methods to overcome a flawed thinking process.
  • Understand how assertiveness can be used to interact successfully and persuasively.
  • Find out how to use body movement and listening abilities in a positive way.
  • Gain insight into how to get reliable questioning and affecting strategies.
  • Discover methods to plan your assertive behaviour in various scenarios.
  • Get great suggestions on how to exhibit confidence from a beneficial assertiveness toolkit.

Advantages of the course

  • Discover on all your internet-enabled devices 24/7.
  • Technical assistance is readily available if you encounter problems.
  • Research study the five easy-to-access modules at your own speed and in your own time with no due date pressures.
  • Access to the course is for 12 months, implying you can revisit learning whenever you need to.
  • Mastering assertiveness won’t just get you noticed at work and improve your professional prospects, it will benefit both you and others in all areas of your life.
  • Take favourable action by registering to the Assertiveness Skills Certificate today.


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