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Advanced SharePoint - Advanced Technologies (Exam 70-339)


Advanced SharePoint – Advanced Technologies (Exam 70-339)




SharePoint can be many things to many people and is one of the most versatile software applications out there today. For most, it is a workflow management and collaboration tool, one that easily plugs into pretty much any organisations existing setup, straight ‘out of the box’.

Because of its versatility, it’s uses aren’t limited to just this however. A lot of organisations use SharePoint as a project management tool, from planning projects, right through to management, reporting and completion. Some people use SharePoint as a stepping stone before moving onto Microsoft’s Project 2013, which allows for even greater project management functionality, for which we also have a course on.

This advanced SharePoint 2016 course builds on the knowledge you may have learned from the introductory SharePoint course, and adds in more top-level skills and functions. The advanced level course goes into how to manage the SharePoint system for your business, and how to manage access, collaboration and the management of the whole Office 365 suite of applications, as well as integrating these into your SharePoint offering.


The SharePoint exam (70-339) has 7 different objectives:

  • Design SharePoint Infrastructure
  • Plan authentication and security
  • Plan workload optimisation
  • Plan productivity solutions
  • Manage search capabilities
  • Plan and configure cloud services
  • Monitor and optimise a SharePoint environment

Combining the knowledge from both this course and the entry level course will cover all you need to pass the 70-339 exam, and more, to become a well-rounded SharePoint professional.


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