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Accredited IOSH - Working Safely Course with Exam


Accredited IOSH – Working Safely Course with Exam




Explore the fundamentals of health and safety in the workplace in this basic introductory course, which is accredited by Europe’s leading health and safety body, The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The course is a fantastic opportunity for students to equip themselves with a set of essential skills and knowledge that can be applied across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Each module identifies key learning outcomes, and students are able to peruse course materials at their own leisure, without being restricted to single-page viewing. It is designed to help students develop their knowledge-base, and understand how to practically apply what they have learnt within a workplace context.

The syllabus is broken down into digestible chunks and students are able to learn at a pace that suits their schedule. It gives students the opportunity to take control of their learning programme and tailor it to complement their own learning style, in order to maximise their chances of gaining the IOSH qualification.


This course is designed to promote basic awareness of health and safety best practice, so that students can:

  • Recognise the need to work safely.
  • Take preventative action and implement precautionary measure so as to not put themselves or others at risk.
  • Recognise the importance of taking the appropriate precautions to prevent any health and safety issues from arising in the workplace.
  • Use appropriate workplace precautions and preventative measures in order to create a healthy, safe and sustainable working environment.
  • Understand emergency procedures and accident plans in their place of work, and ensure that individual responsibilities are clearly understood in the event of a health and safety incident.
  • Appreciate how industry affects the environment, and list the ways in which individuals can minimise pollution and waste.

Upon successful completion of the course, employees are able to:

  • Define the terms hazard, risk and risk controls and learn how it applies in a workplace context.
  • Explain the consequences to both the individual and their organisation/business if they fail to adhere to health and safety regulation.
  • Explain the importance of risk assessment in a workplace context.
  • Describe examples of everyday use of risk assessment and understand how to practically apply it in a workplace context.
  • Describe a health and safety management system.
  • Follow the appropriate lines of communication with respect to health and safety in their place of work.
  • Recognise and understand the meaning of safety signs and signals.
  • Report any health and safety accidents and/or incidents and know how, and who to, report to.

The course ends with a short 20 minute, multiple-choice questionnaire comprising of 10 questions and a hazard spotting exercise to ensure that students have fully grasped the course syllabus.

The Exam

  • Once you complete your Working Safely course you will automatically move on to the exam and the hazard spotting exercise.
  • The Working Safely exam consists of 10 question multiple choice questions and a hazard spotting exercise.
  • You can not purchase a certificate without passing the exam and by passing the exam and assessment, it generates a certificate.
  • Once your exam and hazard spotting exercise is successfully completed, you will gain an accredited IOSH Certificate directly from IOSH


  • Introduces the basics of safe working practices for those working in a broad range of sectors and industries.
  • Flexible learning solution that allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Features interactive multimedia and quiz-ware designed to complement any learning style.
  • Monitor progress throughout the duration of the course to help develop student’s knowledge and understanding of the syllabus, and maximise their chances of gaining the IOSH qualification.
  • Upon successful completion of a short 20 minute test consisting of 10 questions and a practical hazard spotting exercise, students are awarded the IOSH certificate in Working Safely.

IOSH Training is delivered by Santia consulting in partnership with E-Careers.

  • Introduction to the course
  • Why is it important to work safely?
  • Improving Safety Performance
  • The environment
  • Multiple choice test
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Further Info
  • There are 2 tests for the managing safely a written test and a project paper.
  • The delegate will complete the written test, once completed if they have passed (a score of 20+ out of 30) the project paper will become available to them and instructions how to complete it.
  • They have 2 attempts at each exam (please contact support@e-careers.com to activate the 2nd exam or reset, activations can take up to 3 working days), if the delegate fails they will need to pay £25+vat to have the course reset.
  • Once the project paper has been submitted the delegate will receive an email within 14 days advising them to log back into the LMS portal, there will be a message there advising them if they have passed both sections or not.
  • They will then receive a certificate posted straight to them, this takes between 4-6 weeks.


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