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120Hr TEFL Course

5.0 (1 review)



120HR TEFL Diploma

This fully certified TEFL course is a gateway into the world of teaching English abroad.

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is your ticket to an interesting and rewarding profession in education. The 120-hour TEFL course provides students with enough background and practice to prepare to teach English as a second language.

The TEFL 120 Hour online course offers top quality materials, full accreditation and key skill-building techniques with 120 hours of quality content to learn from.

The course consists of 12 modules that will equip you with the necessary skills you need to teach English to students across the globe. The course is delivered through detailed and engaging modules, real-life scenarios and a final examination to qualify. You’ll have access to a tutor during your course who will offer you support, so you can feel confident whether you’re brand-new to teaching or already have previous experience.

Key Learning Points

In this course, we’ll take you through learning modules that will prepare you for your brand-new adventure. You’ll learn:

  • How to inspire students who are brand-new to the English language.
  • How to utilise a trainee’s main language to teach them a new language.
  • The basics of linguistics, which will assist bridge the space between the students’ primary language and English.
  • All the reading, composing, speaking, and listening skills you will need to impart in your trainees.
  • Fundamental pedagogical methods
  • Classroom management techniques
  • How to get started working abroad

Benefits of the course

There are a number of benefits for students who complete the professional TEFL certificate, these include;

  • Gain key skills in areas such as lesson planning for reading, composing, speaking and listening lessons
  • Earn an intentionally recognised CPD certification.
  • Experience new cultures
  • The joy of travelling
  • Sightseeing excitement
  • Enjoy adventurous activities
  • More options for jobs across the world
  • Career advice
  • Personal tutor support
  • 12 month study time

Course Modules/Units

PPP - Presentation, Practice, and Production
ESA - Engage, Study, and Activate
Understanding lesson planning
Components of a lesson plan
Example of a lesson plan
Organising the board
Grammar skills and the ability to explain grammar simply
Teaching Pronunciation
Teaching reading
Teaching writing
Teaching listening
Correcting students’ errors
Discipline issues in the EFL
Sparking student motivation
Communication problems
Games and activities
Entertainment and education
Teaching business English
Transitioning to a career in TEFL
Advantages and challenges of teaching large classes
Strategies for coping with large classes
Activities to use in Large Classes
Quick tips
Class activities
Fun is universal
Starter level
Elementary/Primary level
Intermediate level
Upper-intermediate level
Good for any level
Early learning
Early Learning Language Acquisition
What to expect and when
Ten hints for keeping the class in English
Linguistic Culture
Learning across the curriculum - Black is Black!
Crocodile and a few monkeys
Demonstration lesson: A chance to show off
Internet Resources for Learning More and about Life Abroad

120hr TEFL Diploma Course Has been a fantastic

120hr TEFL Diploma Course Has been a fantastic help for me. I’ve always wanted to teach abroad and this has provided me the opportunity.
The course covers a wide range of topics and genuinely gives you the tools you need to teach.
The support if brilliant and gives you that extra push when you need help. If you are looking to start teaching, this course is a great option. I highly recommend for anyone that has dreamed of teaching English. I’m sure your experience with the course will be as productive as mine. Overall a great experience, I highly recommended.

Neil – London


1 review for 120Hr TEFL Course

  1. Andrea

    Brilliant course for anyone who wants to take teaching to the next level!

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